Tuesday, February 28, 2017


OK, with one of the wettest winters in recent history in my neck of the woods (I've had sandbags out for going on 3 months now), flooding is a daily occurrence in my life.

But I'm not talking about water today folks.

I know I'm a sporadic (at best) blogger.  And since I took a new job last August, I've had so little time (and when I do I just don't have the drive to blog).  But today I had some time, and I also saw  this morning that John Dehlin posted on FaceBook about an announcement at 10:00MST.  Turns out it was the release of his Mormon Stories Vlog #700 - How the LDS Quorum of Twelve Apostles Think – Enemies List and “Area Business Weekends”.  While I didn't really get much out of the podcast, it did inspire me to make another post - or series thereof.

If anyone has actually read my earlier posts, I made a request for a scripture app that I could use INSTEAD of Gospel Library/LDS.org where I could import (and thus preserve) both my annotations, as well as my "journal entries" where I often write thoughts that I have relating to scriptures, and have saved a few talks I've given,, and things that others have published.  I was originally concerned that should a - lets say less understanding - priesthood "leader" decide my time in the church™ is up, that I'd still have my "work product."

A few months ago, I log on to my Gospel Library app.  It auto updates, and when it's done, lo and behold, no more "journal entries." 


I ultimately was able to find and then "convert" the entries to the new app, and save them (or at least the ones that were still there - I don't know that any were doctored or removed, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that some were.)

In any event, I've decided to do what I threatened to do last year, and just post these entries here.

If anyone has comments on them, I'd be thrilled to hear your thoughts.

I won't guarantee I'll respond, or that if I do it will be prompt, but please don't let that stop you.

And so, without further adieu (take that Jacob 7), here we go.

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